Who IS This Guy?

I’ve been here spouting off about various topics, big and small, and you must be wondering if I know what the heck I’m talking about.

Here’s something about me. I’ve been in business for 50 years. First in Bricks and Mortar retail where I lived through 2 recessions but failed to survive the 3rd recession in the 80’s.

In the 90’s, I traveled the US and Canada consulting with businesses and governments helping them make additional profits in the millions, or helping them streamline their communications.

My wife and I are old, retired, and now disabled, doing business online since 2002, starting on eBay, then moving to Amazon in 2013.

We’ve done $2-3 Million sales since 2002.

We’ve honed our Amazon processes using our 30+ years in B&M retail.

It’s a simple process:

Find It
List It
Ship It

That’s how we do it, and that’s what we teach others.

We have a half-dozen vendors we’ve found with products we can be profitable with. We have 10-times that number of vendors whose “can’t miss” products failed, some of which we still have in the basement for 5 years, unable to even give them away.

Am I a smart guy? I think so. But I am certainly wise because of my failures.

Am I risk adverse? Hardly. I invest in the stock market. (We lost $100k these past first few days of the Corona Virus scare.)

I am always on the lookout for profitable products. That’s the constant in online success – more and more profitable products.

I’m willing to invest a few hundreddollars to test a product or class of products.

We had one class of products that we sold 10’s of thousands of — until we didn’t.

The market is always moving. Competitors come and go. Prices tank without warning. Customers no longer want what we so caringly found and offered.

I am not willing to invest $10’s of thousands on an untested item. In spite of it’s analytical proof.

We try not to find things we like, but what the customers like. Nothing is worse than relying on a feeling that “Gee. This would sell…”

So, Who IS this guy?

I’m an experienced business owner and operator who knows how to simplify the topics under discussion.

Who are YOU?


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