The Excitement a New Seller Brings

We’ve been dong this FBA business since 2013. We’ve been successful, and made a fair bit of money.

But, as with anything, it all soon becomes routine and seems like work.

That’s why getting someone new up and running is so important to us. It re-invigorates us and gets us back on track to success.

We have to do the work so we can teach it to someone new.

We have to do research and investigate so we can get answers to questions we never had on our own.

The new Seller makes us work.

Over the past couple weeks, we’ve been fortunate enough to personally introduce someone to our business model and to get them up and running on their own. It is exciting to see the excitement of new-found success light up their eyes and bring that big grin to light up the room.

And what we learn is that what we take for granted is sometimes a brand new world for them.

Take the basics of Retail, for example.

Since we’ve been in retail for so many years, it is mostly second-nature for us to research and qualify a product for resale. We know our specialties, and we know the basic market, so products that fir are easy to find.

However, the new Seller without much or any retail background has no experience to rely upon, and finding a new product is either a total mystery, or becomes a random walk down the myriad aisles of the local Walmart looking for who knows what to sell. The woes of the newbie who can’t find anything after hour of searching are painful and heart-breaking.

We can’t teach what exact items to sell, but we can teach the rough parameters we use, and you can use them to narrow the search.

We forget about the details or mystery of creating a new listing. The workflow for prepping or shipping has become routine for us, but a total mystery to the new Seller. We get refreshed by teaching the basic and finer points of planning and executing the steps to success.

That we get better with practice is the cliche. But we only get better with good and effective practice.

Practicing the wrong things or the wrong way only only gets worse results.

We practice teaching the basics and then finessing the details. We get better.

What basics do you need to know? What details are you missing that will get you closer to success?

Let us know.

John L

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