Swimming the Amazon River

I don’t know how Amazon picked its name. But. they are the largest online retailer in the world, just like the Amazon River is the largest in the world.

How did they get so big? Not overnight, that’s for sure. They started small and grew.

That’s how any home-based business starts — small.

In the beginning, it might seem hard to find something worth your time to buy and send in. Yes, it Will be hard at first. But you have to start somewhere, so start.

The Amazon River starts way up in the Andes Mountains as a small trickle. Along the way, more trickles add to the flow. Some small streams, then larger streams merge in until it becomes that largest river in the world.

Discouraged because the products you’re finding are only going to net you a dollar or two? Change your thinking.

Think of each product as a trickle stream leading to a creek, then a small river, then a mighty one. Shoot for the 100% + ROI, but take the small streams of $1-5. Add another ASIN. The stream gets stronger. Add another, and another, and soon your trickles are adding together into a river – an Amazon River.
I like a video game analogy. In a video game, at first you stumble around, learn the controls and strategies, but your scores suck. As you gain experience, your skills improve and you make it to the next level. The only difference is that in a video game, the levels get harder.
With Amazon, it just gets easier.
Just beginning? Great! Find a product, and send it in.
It won’t be that million-dollar best-seller, but it will sell. Learn the basics. Practice some more by finding another, then another. Set and work towards your “level” goals.
What sort of level goals? How about something like this:
1. Find and send in a small quantity of ONE product.
2. Send in another product.
3. Achieve $100 sales in one month.
4. Achieve $500 sales in one month.
5. Achieve $1,00 sales in one month.
6. Etc.
This is how most of the successful sellers did it. They all started with nothing. Depending on how much time they had, and how much energy they put into it, they grew at different rates.
We started in 2013 with a couple hundred $ sales in that first month. Now, we work just a couple hours a day, and we did $260k last year. We’re old and disabled, so this pace suits us well.
Oh yeah. We just got back from a month-long vacation to Africa to visit our son and his family. And did $15k while we were gone. Yes, we were profitable enough that month to pay for most of the trip.
You can do this. It will take time at first, but as you work and apply what you learn, you’ll be successful.To swim the river, you have to first jump in.
Don’t wait until you “know enough.” You will never know everything.
You just have to start from where you are with what you know.
Best! John L

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