Sales Have Slowed Down After Q4. What Do I Do Now?

We, like most of you, had a pretty outstanding Q4 sales. We beat last year and for the whole year beat last year by 20% or better.



But here comes February and the inevitable sales slowdown after Q4.

What should you do to boost sales?

Do what I do.

Find It. Keep finding profitable products.

List It. Get those profitable products listed for sale on Amazon. Or, list them on alternate sites like eBay or Walmart.

Ship It. Ship those finds off to Amazon so your customers can find and buy them.

Repeat. Keep doing it until you are tired of making money.

Slow sales can sometimes be boosted with advertising and promotions, but if the shoppers aren’t shopping, your results will vary.

Just keep feeding the beast.

Find It. List It. Ship It. Repeat.

John L

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