Printing Item Labels

There are several labels available for printing. Today, I’ll cover the item FNSKU labels.

There are 2 ways to “label” your inventory: Manufacturer’s Barcode, and Amazon Barcode. You choose which method when creating or converting FBA listings.

Amazon creates your FNSKU # when your item is listed for FBA.

If you chose Manufacturer’s barcode, then the FNSKU will be identical to the ASIN #. You do not need to print separate FNSKU labels because all you need is the UPC barcode. And your inventory will be co-mingled with other Sellers who also chose Manufacturer barcode.

If you chose Amazon barcode, then your FNSKU will begin with X00 and you will need to print separate FNSKU labels and label each item, by covering or obscuring the UPC barcodes. Your inventory will Not be co-mingled.
There are 2 ways to print your FNSKU labels.

1. By selecting the items in your Inventory, Manage Inventory page, then choosing Print Item Labels in the “Action on X items” menu. This will print an FNSKU label for all items selected, including for Manufacturer barcode items.

2. By printing labels for your items during the creation of your Shipping Plan. Only the Amazon barcode items will be offered for label printing.

Regardless of which method you choose, Manufacturer or Amazon barcodes, when “you” get a sale, “you” will get credit for the sale.

My preference is to pre-label my inventory with FNSKUs during the Prep stage, making them ready to ship.

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