Musings on the Buy Box

The basic premise of the Buy Box is that Amazon wants the Buyer to have the best shopping experience. This experience is measured against Amazon, then compared to other Sellers. FBA is not required, but a Professional Account is.

For example, Seller A has a Positive Feedback Score of 100%, but only has 12 Feedbacks. Seller B has a Positive Feedback of 98% but has 12,000 Feedbacks. The Buy Box will likely go to Seller B even though they have a lower Feedback %.

Or I live on the West Coast, and you live on the East Coast. Seller A’s Inventory is in New Jersey. Seller B’s is in California. Seller A will get the Buy Box for you, Seller B will get it for me. Inventory location is important.

We can work out a good deal of what is important, but not necessarily all the details, certainly not the formula.

Here are some other factors.

  1. Professional Account is required
  2. Account Health
  3. Account Age
  4. Number of different ASINs offered by the Seller. More is better.
  5. Physical location of available inventory
  6. Price (NOT the only factor. Not even the main one.)
  7. Number of Sellers

Focus on building your business with more and more products, products with higher quality, pricing competitively, but not the lowest.

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