How to Ship Products to Amazon FBA

Someone asked for a “dumbed down” version of how to pack and ship to FBA, Here is my response in a FaceBook post.


Dumbed down… Put ’em in a box. Tape it up. Put labels on ’em. Take ’em to the UPS Store.

Not so dumb. — Create a Shipping Plan by selecting your items from Inventory / Manage Inventory. When you have them all selected, the from the “Action on X items” choose “Send/Replenish items.”

Amazon will ask if you are sure. Answer Yes.

Unless your items are in manufacturer case-lots, choose the default “Individual Items.”

Now, enter the quantities of each you have selected.

The next screen is a bother. But you can look at all the Prep actions. I choose No Prep Required under the top Apply to all.

The next screen will let you print labels for the items if you haven’t already labeled them.

Next, Amazon will think a bit then show you where they want you to send them. I usually edit the default titles of the proposed shipments to leave the date, but replace the time with a very brief “contents” description. At first, it won’t matter. But after you get dozens and dozens of shipments, the date and time will not be useful in finding specific shipments.

After I edit the titles, I then click the “Show contents” link for all shipments. Then I print that page. This becomes my pick-pack list.

Divide your items into piles for each destination. Find boxes of the right size to hold each destination’s pile. (If using used boxes, cover any barcodes on the outside.) Add crumpled newspaper, etc to fill any voids. “Tape ’em up.” I mark the box with the destination.

Weigh and measure each box. Record it on your printed pick-pack pages.
Go back to your Shipping Plan and click the Work on Shipment link.

Enter the weight and dimensions. Calculate Shipping and Accept. Click the Date to Ship box to bring up a calendar. Select the day or a day in the future. Print Box Labels.

This will be a 2-part label. Both must be on the box they belong to. The Amazon one has barcodes that will refer the receiving warehouse to your quantities.
You can simply print them on plain paper and tape them on being sure not to cover any of the barcodes.

Take them to a UPS Store or dropoff. You can also request a pickup from UPS, but they charge for that.


Now go back and do all of it over again. Find, List, and Ship products.


That’s How You Do It.

John L

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