Don’t Run Your Business with FEAR

I talk with many new and veteran Amazon Sellers. It is common for the new ones to be reluctant to start or keep going because they are afraid. Afraid to make a mistake, to buy certain products for fear of getting their account banned, afraid to try something because they don’t know how to do … Read more

Keeping Track of Time

Websites referenced: TimeCamp: Cockrum Coaching: Shipping Supplies: I have had plenty of time interuptions in my lifetime. Lately, it seems it’s gotten worse. Recently, the Covid pandemic threw our Amazon business for a loop. In March, 2020, Amazon began restricting FBA Inbound shipments to “essential products” only. None of ours were on … Read more

Wuhan Woo-Hoo!

What-the! I am not cheering the virus and its devastation, deaths, illness, or economic disaster. Fortunately, Sandi and I are still personally unaffected by the virus. The farm routines, the dogs and walking them, the limited shopping — nothing really different despite Oregon’s lock-down policies. I am woo-hoo-ing our Amazon business happenings because of the … Read more

Who IS This Guy?

I’ve been here spouting off about various topics, big and small, and you must be wondering if I know what the heck I’m talking about. Here’s something about me. I’ve been in business for 50 years. First in Bricks and Mortar retail where I lived through 2 recessions but failed to survive the 3rd recession in … Read more

Gearing Up for Q4

Q4 – 4th Quarter – The Big Party – Saving the Year… Whatever you call it, the final 3 months of a calendar year are the best part of selling. You’ll Sell a Ton! Retailers have long relied on this final quarter to bolster their sales, and provide profits that might have been scarce earlier. … Read more

Doing Business as a Business

There are the 2 aspects of a business. 1. The structure and surrounding support processes – accounting, finance, and the like. and 2. The operations part – what and how are you going to do every day to make money. You can make money without much of a formal business structure. A Sole Proprietorship is … Read more

List It! Get Your Purchase “On the Shelf”!

From the 3 “Success” rules, we’ve covered Finding It. Now, it’s time to List It! If the product is already available on Amazon, Listing it is a simple matter of adding your products to the existing Catalog listing. You can do this from inside the Amazon Seller free app on your phone. For example, I … Read more

Find It! Find Profitable Products to Sell.

Profitable. That’s the primary characteristic of a successful FBA product. You make your profit when you buy it. Then, it has to sell. DUH! You can make all sorts of buys of products, but if there is no profit in it, then it is worthless, or a drag on your bank account. Now, it’s OK … Read more

Find It, List It, Ship It, Repeat!

I was thinking about success with Amazon’s FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon). It boils down to the 3 topics in this blog Title. Find It! Find Profitable items to sell. List It! Get it “on the shelf”. Ship It! Get it to Amazon’s warehouses. Repeat! Do it again — and again — and again — and… … Read more

Getting It ALL Done

The secret to FBA (and any online ecommerce endeavor) is Find It List It Ship It Repeat You have to have something to sell. Finding that ONE item seems like the ultimate goal, but it’s not. Products come and go. Styles, interests, fads, new technology, celebrities, even companies, all change over time. There isn’t a … Read more