Getting It ALL Done

The secret to FBA (and any online ecommerce endeavor) is Find It List It Ship It Repeat You have to have something to sell. Finding that ONE item seems like the ultimate goal, but it’s not. Products come and go. Styles, interests, fads, new technology, celebrities, even companies, all change over time. There isn’t a … Read more

Roadblocks, Obstacles, Hazards, and Attitude

Our Amazon business sure makes it easy for us to be successful. It’s an easy process to find and replenish profitable products. But, there can be hazards. One of our students had the ultimate in hazards happen. Amazon suspended them. And after spending a month working with Seller Support, got the “you’re-finished-don’t-call-again” email. This seems … Read more

What Should I Sell?

“What should I sell?” or “How do you find something to sell?” This is pretty much the first question anyone asks when thinking about selling online. It’s the same for selling on Amazon. “What should I sell and how do I find it?” I recently did a quick “count” and found that there are MORE … Read more