Trade Show Attendance Tips

(I originally wrote this a couple of years ago for a group of Amazon Sellers on the FaceBook Group, My Silent Team. I am also a paid coach for the My Silent Team company headed up by Jim Cockrum. He is the creator and main leader for the Proven Amazon Course (PAC), the best ecommerce … Read more

Test, Test, Test

Being impulsive, or spontaneous, or flying by the seat of your pants has its place. Just rarely in business. Reason, analysis, decision leads to better, more secure business. It won’t be as susceptible to falling off the rails or of sustaining major losses. Sure, intuition has a place. But intuition that is based on knowledge … Read more

Doing Business as a Business

There are the 2 aspects of a business. 1. The structure and surrounding support processes – accounting, finance, and the like. and 2. The operations part – what and how are you going to do every day to make money. You can make money without much of a formal business structure. A Sole Proprietorship is … Read more