Printing Item Labels

There are several labels available for printing. Today, I’ll cover the item FNSKU labels. There are 2 ways to “label” your inventory: Manufacturer’s Barcode, and Amazon Barcode. You choose which method when creating or converting FBA listings. Amazon creates your FNSKU # when your item is listed for FBA. If you chose Manufacturer’s barcode, then … Read more

This Is How We Ship It

In the Process of Find It, List It, Ship It, Repeat, it’s time to share how we do our Ship It. We have developed a couple of processes to make it go faster. I build a “Ship List” of things to ship this week. It’s a Word doc with a table to organize our shipping. … Read more

Sales Have Slowed Down After Q4. What Do I Do Now?

We, like most of you, had a pretty outstanding Q4 sales. We beat last year and for the whole year beat last year by 20% or better. Profitble? Yes. But here comes February and the inevitable sales slowdown after Q4. What should you do to boost sales? Do what I do. Find It. Keep finding … Read more

How to Ship Products to Amazon FBA

Someone asked for a “dumbed down” version of how to pack and ship to FBA, Here is my response in a FaceBook post. ====================== Dumbed down… Put ’em in a box. Tape it up. Put labels on ’em. Take ’em to the UPS Store. Not so dumb. — Create a Shipping Plan by selecting your … Read more

Keeping Track of Time

Websites referenced: TimeCamp: Cockrum Coaching: Shipping Supplies: I have had plenty of time interuptions in my lifetime. Lately, it seems it’s gotten worse. Recently, the Covid pandemic threw our Amazon business for a loop. In March, 2020, Amazon began restricting FBA Inbound shipments to “essential products” only. None of ours were on … Read more

List It! Get Your Purchase “On the Shelf”!

From the 3 “Success” rules, we’ve covered Finding It. Now, it’s time to List It! If the product is already available on Amazon, Listing it is a simple matter of adding your products to the existing Catalog listing. You can do this from inside the Amazon Seller free app on your phone. For example, I … Read more

Find It, List It, Ship It, Repeat!

I was thinking about success with Amazon’s FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon). It boils down to the 3 topics in this blog Title. Find It! Find Profitable items to sell. List It! Get it “on the shelf”. Ship It! Get it to Amazon’s warehouses. Repeat! Do it again — and again — and again — and… … Read more

Getting It ALL Done

The secret to FBA (and any online ecommerce endeavor) is Find It List It Ship It Repeat You have to have something to sell. Finding that ONE item seems like the ultimate goal, but it’s not. Products come and go. Styles, interests, fads, new technology, celebrities, even companies, all change over time. There isn’t a … Read more

KISS – Keep It Simple and Successful

I spent 10 years on the road as a management consultant. I wasn’t with a big company, but we had clients all over the US and Canada. I was pretty good at my job. My job was to identify and break apart any bottle-necks or log-jams that got in the way of success for my … Read more