Trade Show Attendance Tips

(I originally wrote this a couple of years ago for a group of Amazon Sellers on the FaceBook Group, My Silent Team. I am also a paid coach for the My Silent Team company headed up by Jim Cockrum. He is the creator and main leader for the Proven Amazon Course (PAC), the best ecommerce … Read more

Q4 Update – 2019

Our Q4 (4th Quarter) is moving right along. We’re ahead of last year for December, the Quarter, and finally for the year. We’ve sold in new Categories, with new SKUs (Stock Keeping Units), and old stand-bys. Some of our new stuff hasn’t done much. That’s the risk we take trying to expand business. How to … Read more

Gearing Up for Q4

Q4 – 4th Quarter – The Big Party – Saving the Year… Whatever you call it, the final 3 months of a calendar year are the best part of selling. You’ll Sell a Ton! Retailers have long relied on this final quarter to bolster their sales, and provide profits that might have been scarce earlier. … Read more

Swimming the Amazon River

I don’t know how Amazon picked its name. But. they are the largest online retailer in the world, just like the Amazon River is the largest in the world. How did they get so big? Not overnight, that’s for sure. They started small and grew. That’s how any home-based business starts — small. In the … Read more

How to Plan for Success In Business

I’ve had several businesses. I’ve failed, and I’ve succeeded. Turns out that the difference between success and failure is just some small details. Details that often get overlooked in the crush of daily activities.

You either move towards success, or you move towards failure. You get to choose.

First, The Big Picture

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KISS – Keep It Simple and Successful

I spent 10 years on the road as a management consultant. I wasn’t with a big company, but we had clients all over the US and Canada. I was pretty good at my job. My job was to identify and break apart any bottle-necks or log-jams that got in the way of success for my … Read more