Amazon’s Virtual Bundle for Brand Registry FBA

A few months ago, Amazon announced a new feature for Brand Registry FBA Sellers: Virtual Bundles. I’ve known about them since then, but only recently took at a look for a client. Virtual Bundles really look useful for those of us with several ASINs in FBA that look to be complimentary. In a typical Bundle … Read more

Labels, Barcodes, Numbers, and Codes — What They Are and Where and Why You Need Them

What do all those numbers and codes mean, anyway? Let’s find out. Sandi & I have been in retail since – well, I don’t know when. We had our own shop from 1971 to 1989. Sandi managed card shops all along the West Coast from 1985 until 2002. We both worked for retailers while in … Read more

List It! Get Your Purchase “On the Shelf”!

From the 3 “Success” rules, we’ve covered Finding It. Now, it’s time to List It! If the product is already available on Amazon, Listing it is a simple matter of adding your products to the existing Catalog listing. You can do this from inside the Amazon Seller free app on your phone. For example, I … Read more