Trade Show Attendance Tips

(I originally wrote this a couple of years ago for a group of Amazon Sellers on the FaceBook Group, My Silent Team. I am also a paid coach for the My Silent Team company headed up by Jim Cockrum. He is the creator and main leader for the Proven Amazon Course (PAC), the best ecommerce … Read more

Getting the ASD Marketweek Show DONE!

SandiĀ  & I are here in our 29th floor room at the Encore in Las Vegas, relaxing after finishing our buying exercise for the year. It has been a fabulous show. We’ve been coming to this show for since 2002, and it keeps getting better and better for us. (You can find this twice-a-year show … Read more

Brief Story of Our Online Life

To give some perspective to some of the big sales numbers you might be seeing that might discourage you. Sandi and I started selling on eBay in 2002. We did a few hundred $ the first couple years – total, then sales grew. We were unemployed and close to retirement. The earliest year I have … Read more