This Is How We Ship It

In the Process of Find It, List It, Ship It, Repeat, it’s time to share how we do our Ship It. We have developed a couple of processes to make it go faster. I build a “Ship List” of things to ship this week. It’s a Word doc with a table to organize our shipping. … Read more

How to Ship Products to Amazon FBA

Someone asked for a “dumbed down” version of how to pack and ship to FBA, Here is my response in a FaceBook post. ====================== Dumbed down… Put ’em in a box. Tape it up. Put labels on ’em. Take ’em to the UPS Store. Not so dumb. — Create a Shipping Plan by selecting your … Read more

Who IS This Guy?

I’ve been here spouting off about various topics, big and small, and you must be wondering if I know what the heck I’m talking about. Here’s something about me. I’ve been in business for 50 years. First in Bricks and Mortar retail where I lived through 2 recessions but failed to survive the 3rd recession in … Read more

You're New. What Should You Do?

Here, in the beginning, everything is new and hard and frustrating. This is your “obstacle”. Now, make it into your “Opportunity.” Persistent, consistent application of proven skills will work in your favor. You need to build skills. The skill of finding profitable products will be your most important one for perhaps years. You have to … Read more

Acronyms, Abbreviations, Jargon, and Weird Words

One of the most confusing things about starting anything new is all the jargon that gets tossed around like everybody knows what everything means. I mean… Who provided the Mind Meld to transfer all that knowledge? I have spent a few hours collecting and spiffing up a list of common terms found and used around … Read more