Brief Story of Our Online Life

To give some perspective to some of the big sales numbers you might be seeing that might discourage you.

Sandi and I started selling on eBay in 2002. We did a few hundred $ the first couple years – total, then sales grew. We were unemployed and close to retirement.

The earliest year I have handy figures for, is 2008. We did $53k. 2009 & 2010, we did $30-ish k each year. We were doing this by buying wholesale and closeout, and shipping everything ourselves every day.

2011 turned around with $46k. 2012 was $82k on eBay.

2012 was also the first year we started selling on AZ in Feb. The first 3 months, we averaged $35 a month. 35 Dollars! The next 5 months, we averaged $400. The 4th Qtr, we started FBA and averaged $3,000 per month with Dec @ $7,500.

2013, I only have the first 9 months handy, and we averaged just under $6k on eBay, and $6.3k on Amazon. That was about the time we decided FBA was a better business model for us than shipping every order on eBay.

We did $220k on AZ last year, and will do $250k this year. We hired our first helper about a month ago to ramp for Q4. Other than that, we do it ourselves in 2-3 hours a day.

Slow and steady worked for us. It can work for you. This year closes soon, but next year stretches out ahead of us all.

We did it. You can do it, too!

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