Brief Story of Our Online Life

To give some perspective to some of the big sales numbers you might be seeing that might discourage you. Sandi and I started selling on eBay in 2002. We did a few hundred $ the first couple years – total, then sales grew. We were unemployed and close to retirement. The earliest year I have … Read more

What Should I Sell?

“What should I sell?” or “How do you find something to sell?” This is pretty much the first question anyone asks when thinking about selling online. It’s the same for selling on Amazon. “What should I sell and how do I find it?” I recently did a quick “count” and found that there are MORE … Read more

The Excitement a New Seller Brings

We’ve been dong this FBA business since 2013. We’ve been successful, and made a fair bit of money. But, as with anything, it all soon becomes routine and seems like work. That’s why getting someone new up and running is so important to us. It re-invigorates us and gets us back on track to success. … Read more

How to Plan for Success In Business

I’ve had several businesses. I’ve failed, and I’ve succeeded. Turns out that the difference between success and failure is just some small details. Details that often get overlooked in the crush of daily activities.

You either move towards success, or you move towards failure. You get to choose.

First, The Big Picture

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KISS – Keep It Simple and Successful

I spent 10 years on the road as a management consultant. I wasn’t with a big company, but we had clients all over the US and Canada. I was pretty good at my job. My job was to identify and break apart any bottle-necks or log-jams that got in the way of success for my … Read more