Test, Test, Test

Being impulsive, or spontaneous, or flying by the seat of your pants has its place. Just rarely in business. Reason, analysis, decision leads to better, more secure business. It won’t be as susceptible to falling off the rails or of sustaining major losses. Sure, intuition has a place. But intuition that is based on knowledge … Read more

Labels, Barcodes, Numbers, and Codes — What They Are and Where and Why You Need Them

What do all those numbers and codes mean, anyway? Let’s find out. Sandi & I have been in retail since – well, I don’t know when. We had our own shop from 1971 to 1989. Sandi managed card shops all along the West Coast from 1985 until 2002. We both worked for retailers while in … Read more

Q4 Update – 2019

Our Q4 (4th Quarter) is moving right along. We’re ahead of last year for December, the Quarter, and finally for the year. We’ve sold in new Categories, with new SKUs (Stock Keeping Units), and old stand-bys. Some of our new stuff hasn’t done much. That’s the risk we take trying to expand business. How to … Read more

Now, to Get Back on Track – Read Our Book

Since our hosting troubles, we have not been able to do much of anything in the way of Content. No new posts. No new Tips. No news. Nothing. But, we can now resume. I’ll try to do plenty of updating over the next few weeks. New Content. New Tips. News. So, here is News. Our … Read more

Whew! After Nearly a Year, We're Back Online!

WHEW! We’re Back Online! We’ve had some Hosting troubles for nearly a year. Our Hosting Account was suspended. Our sites have been unavailable since at least Februaary. We’re mostly back up and running — Finally — by changing Hosting Companies. “What happened?” you ask. Well, we got hacked. Somebody (many somebodies?) got into our sites … Read more