List It! Get Your Purchase “On the Shelf”!

From the 3 “Success” rules, we’ve covered Finding It. Now, it’s time to List It! If the product is already available on Amazon, Listing it is a simple matter of adding your products to the existing Catalog listing. You can do this from inside the Amazon Seller free app on your phone. For example, I … Read more

Find It! Find Profitable Products to Sell.

Profitable. That’s the primary characteristic of a successful FBA product. You make your profit when you buy it. Then, it has to sell. DUH! You can make all sorts of buys of products, but if there is no profit in it, then it is worthless, or a drag on your bank account. Now, it’s OK … Read more

Find It, List It, Ship It, Repeat!

I was thinking about success with Amazon’s FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon). It boils down to the 3 topics in this blog Title. Find It! Find Profitable items to sell. List It! Get it “on the shelf”. Ship It! Get it to Amazon’s warehouses. Repeat! Do it again — and again — and again — and… … Read more